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What is Shared Mail Advertising?

In the 1980’s, the United States Postal Service passed a new ruling that actually created this category of direct mail marketing. For the first time, it allowed multiple advertisers to share the cost of third class mailing by combining their individual printed ads into one open package. The result? A very affordable and effective advertising strategy for large and small businesses alike.

We Know How to Reach Your Customers

Today’s employee works six weeks more a year than two decades ago, and one study estimates consumers are bombarded with up to 5,000 marketing messages each day.*

Your advertising message is left with about five seconds to grab their attention. We partner with you to make each of those five seconds count.

Given all the other advertising messages time-stared potential customers see and hear in a day, it is critical to give them the specific product offers they’re really interested in and need. And with consumers becoming more difficult to reach, you need an advertising medium that is much more measurable than other traditional forms of media...

Enter the mailbox.

Whether you want to gain new customers, promote new products, or increase store traffic, you need Valu-Direct’s experience to get noticed.

*A Yankelovich study estimates that 30 years ago a consumer saw up to 2,000 ad messages a day, compared with up to 5,000 today.

Who are the Customers you Most Want to Reach?

Your business has an audience, and Valu-Direct can grow it with our reach. While traditional media focuses its distribution at just the core of the market, we give you the opportunity to reach more potential customers by also saturating the outlying areas.

How many more customers?

That depends. Valu-Direct can reach over 95 million households!

At Value-Direct, we Harness the Power of Shared Mailing:
We Know How to Reach Your Customers

Shared Mail Advertising combines printed ads from multiple advertisers into one open package. All advertisiers share the cost of a third class mailing delivered by the USPS or Private Carrier Delivery. This approach dramatically reduces your individual distribution costs while giving your message the impact of solo mail.

Where Do Your Customers Live?

Because everyone has a mailbox, Valu-Direct ensures your message arrives in 98% of the homes in any given market, Zip code or carrier route. Our consultants will develop the most cost-effective plan geared to provide the biggest return for your business.